The 5 Best Xero Add Ons – Updated For 2017!

Xero add ons and the wider Xero ecosystem can provide your business with a real edge. But which ones are the best for you and your business? With new entrants all the time, we’ve taken another look at the best in class Xero add-ons for small businesses.

Here’s our current top 5:

Receipt Bank – still top of the tops for this year!

Receipt Bank - One of the best Xero add ons

Have you ever kept your receipts in a shoe box? Honestly…own up! OK, even if things have never got that bad we all know the pain of documenting receipts, bills and invoices. It’s a miserable, gruelling task. But Receipt Bank means you can manage all that with a few clicks of a button. Received an invoice? Email it to Receipt Bank. Want to expense a receipt? Snap a pic and upload it to Receipt Bank. With a great Xero integration, it is a mighty bureaucracy-slayer! Institute of Certified Bookkeepers’ Add-on of the Year 2015.

Update: You can now get full visibility of your workflow with the Practice Platform – a centralised dashboard hub that provides you with visibility of your key metrics and allows you to manage your outstanding workload, allocate internal resources and track missing paperwork instantly. Want more info? Check out our full review of Receipt Bank here.


One of the best reviewed Xero add ons for quoting

Quotient is the simple quoting system for SME’s. Their integration with Xero helps prevent double entry, allowing you to seamlessly track initial quotes through to invoices. From opening a dialogue with a client, to uploading pictures, editing quotes, and, once accepted, automatically populating Xero with a draft invoice, Quotient is a time saver that is loved by loads of SMEs.

Update: Quotient now offers imports, making it much easier to get your data where it needs to be. You can now import data from a different system, make bulk updates to item pricing, get product lists from a supplier to Quotient, and copy data from one Quotient account to another.


When it comes to Xero add ons for time tracking, Deupty excels

Deputy helps you with employee scheduling, time and attendance. Its integration with Xero means you can easily sync employee details, manage absence or leave and, best of all, it helps manage your payroll! No more time-consuming calculations about overtime, allowances or penalty rates; it’s all automatically calculated and can be implemented with a few clicks of the mouse. They just took on $25m in investment so expect the product to get better and better over the coming years.

Update: In 2016, Deputy unveiled new iPhone and Android apps, as well as a monthly scheduling view. But the best bit is their new schedule templates. You can now build a schedule for a day or a week, (or just go to an existing schedule), and save it as a template for future use.


Float logo-400px

Float offers easy-to-understand cash flow forecasting software for business owners and financial advisors. We all know that all businesses should be doing cash flow forecasting, but it takes so much time that many don’t do it, and those who do it wish it was less painful. Enter Float, which pulls in live accounting data from Xero to automate the creation and maintenance of a cash flow forecast (not to mention helping answer those longer term ‘what if’ questions). Just enter your forecasts and let Float show you your future cash position. For a preview of how Float works, click here. Float also won Xero’s  Emerging Add On of the year in 2014 and is rated 5 stars on the Xero app marketplace.

Update: In early 2017, Float launched a faster, sleeker and more intuitive interface with added budget progress tracking features.


Insightly is a great add on for Xero

Insightly is a cloud based CRM that does both contact management and project management. It has loads of third party integrations including with Xero. If you’ve ever been frustrated by your bills and invoices sitting in one application while your contacts and leads sit in another, you’ll know why we think this is an amazing add-on!

Update: In late 2016, Insightly introduced an improved import wizard, you can now update your Insightly records in bulk. The new import wizard can now add new records if a match isn’t found in addition to updating existing records.  The import wizard can update all Insightly records; leads, contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects and tasks.


All of these Xero add ons aim to automate your workflow, save you time and make your life that little bit easier. By creating a ‘business stack’ like this, your productivity gains should see you racing ahead of the competition!

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