Step 9: Download a Report

Cash flow forecasting isn’t really about number crunching. The real value of forecasting comes from discussing the assumptions and plans behind the numbers.

While cash flow forecasting is incredibly useful as a solo activity, its power is increased exponentially when you bring in business advisors such as your accountant or an investor. These people can help ensure your assumptions are robust and help you execute on your plans.

That’s why this task is about sharing a report with someone you trust.

This Should Take Less Than 2 Minutes

Download PDF

  • Login to Float
  • Select the time range you want to see just above your graph on the right hand side
  • Select the view you want to report (“Days”, “Weeks” or “Months”)
  • Select the scenario you’d like to report (Base is your official one)
  • Above this you should see “Export Cashflow” – click this link
  • Select .pdf from the drop down
  • Click “Save” to generate your report
  • Now attach your report to an email and send it to an advisor of your choice

You should find the ensuing conversation extremely helpful!


Have you completed all 9 Steps? If so, you’re well on your way to keeping on top of your cash flow!

If you still have any questions, please contact customer support through the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen. And if you haven’t worked through all 9 Steps, pop back to this page to fill in the gaps…

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