Step 3: Group Your Office Costs Into a Single Row

When Float imported your data we pulled across your full chart of accounts, line by line and row by row. Let’s simplify your view…

If, like many businesses, you’ve got fairly predictable outgoings for Cleaning, Lighting, Rent, Internet etc. your cash flow table will look a lot less cluttered if you roll these costs into a single (expandable) row.

This Task Should Take Less Than 5 Minutes

Group office costs_opt

  • Login to Float
  • Click on the tab at the top of the page called “Category Manager”
  • Click on “Manage Groups”
  • Click “Create New”
  • Name your new group “Office Costs”
  • Select how you would like it to be classed from the dropdown
  • Click “Add”
  • Now scroll down the page
  • Every time you see a line you think should be classified as an “Office Cost” click the cell that says “No Group”
  • Then click “Office Costs” from the dropdown
  • Now return to your Cashflow tab
  • Scroll down to your cash table
  • You will see a row called “Office Costs” which will expand when you click on it. If it hasn’t come through, try refreshing your page.

We’ve designed Float to help tell you exactly how much cash your business will have over the coming days, weeks and months in a way that cuts out the noise. By grouping your outgoings in this way, you can get a very quick, top-level overview of your incomings and outgoings as well as have the ability to drill deeper when you want to.

Please Note

Although we mirror your full chart of accounts, by default we only display categories that have values. If you want to make a category visible, follow instructions here about how to add a category to Float.

If you want to see a category in Float that does not appear in your chart of accounts, you will first have to create a new category in your accounting platform and it will appear in Float after the next import.



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