10 Best Xero Add Ons For Your Business

We have searched high and low for the best Xero add ons on the Xero marketplace, so that you don’t have to. These add ons are available for any type of business, with solutions from time-tracking software to cash flow forecasting.

Xero Add Ons for Your Business

With more than 700 (and counting!) Xero add ons available for businesses and their advisors, it can be difficult to sift through the ones that will actually streamline your processes and make a real difference to your business. We have compiled this list which we’ll keep updated every year based on their reviews, feedback we hear from our customers, and new software developments.

ChaserCredit Control

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Chaser is award-winning cloud credit control software for Xero. Get invoices paid sooner, and with less resource cost, by using Chaser’s automated email software that triggers when it sees unpaid invoices. But it never loses the human touch.

Chaser won AccountingWEB’s Cloud App of the Year award in both 2017 and 2018 and is one of the most popular apps on the Xero marketplace. Chaser provides email templates for you to customise your personal emails, and sending schedules, and provides insights to help you understand the pattern of your customers’ payments – so you can tailor your credit control to achieve the best results. Chaser’s charm lies in its ability to look and feel resoundingly human – even thanking your customers when they pay.

Chaser is the app solution that prevents late-paying customers from running rings around your business.

Float  – Cash Flow Forecasting and Management

Float is an award-winning cash flow forecasting add-on for Xero. Having won ‘Emerging Add-On Partner of the Year’ in 2014, and being featured as Xero’s February App Partner of the Month, Float is going from strength to strength.

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Float is a visual, efficient and accurate solution that allows business owners to easily understand how much money their business will have in the future. Float creates powerful operational cash flow forecasts, to help business owners make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Knowledge of how much cash will be in the back now, and at any point in the future, helps to make decisions over things from hiring new staff, investing in new property, or seeking new business.

Most businesses are at the mercy of unmanageable, error-prone spreadsheets. But with Float’s automatic one-way sync with Xero, your forecast remains live and accurate, keeping up-to-date with bills, invoices, and actual transactions. No more manual data entry. No more sleepless nights.

GoCardlessDirect Debit

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GoCardless is an add on that removes the pain of payment for businesses. Making it easier to collect payments via direct debit, GoCardless allows you to collect funds automatically for fixed or varying amounts. GoCardless automatically transfers each payment to Xero, allowing businesses to collect payment and see it automatically transfer into their Xero account, which means far less manual data entry.

GoCardless automates recurring payments – whether fixed or variable – which means less worrying about whether or not your customer will pay you. After all, if paying you is simple, it’ll happen faster. GoCardless provides a solution that your customers will love and that you can rely on.

DeputyHR Management 

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Deputy is one of the top Xero add ons that makes loving your business easier. Managing your team, and your schedule, can now be done using just one app. Anywhere. Anytime.

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise business, Deputy will grow alongside you to make sure that scheduling your staff and managing your rotas is no longer the issue that it used to be. Capturing working hours and attendance, Deputy helps you to keep on top of your HR, compliance, and payroll accuracy.

Reducing your admin work, and the headaches that come along with it, Deputy is the extra hand you never knew you needed. Deputy provides greater control over business performance, whether you have 5 or 5,000 employees.

Practice IgnitionPractice Management for Accountants

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Running a modern-day accounting firm is a lot more complex than simply keeping books or filing ledgers. Practice Ignition is the platform you need to help manage client relations, engagement, and onboarding.

Practice Ignition turns your proposal, terms of service, and payment details into one, easy-to-read contract. Then, with Practice Ignition’s Xero integration, it automatically reconciles all of your invoices for you – adding your new client’s data to your dashboard so you can make better business decisions immediately.

Automatic invoicing with PI also means that the admin involved in client management is done for you. Streamlining the process of contract management, client onboarding, and aiding your cash flow, Practice Ignition is the app you need to work your way to a better firm.

ReceiptBank – Receipt Management

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ReceiptBank is one of the most successful Xero add ons of the past few years. Designed to make sure that expenses are no longer done out of a shoe box, ReceiptBank has revolutionised the accounting and bookkeeping world.

With ReceiptBank, your receipt management is far more accurate and reliable, allowing you to keep track of expenses whenever, and wherever you are. Keeping everything in one place, ReceiptBank allows you to focus on the important things, rather than worrying about the location of last week’s lunch receipt.

Figured – Reporting

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Figured is one of the leading Xero add ons for farm financial management. Designed to provide users with real-time production tracking, budgeting, and financial reporting, Figured feeds everything automatically through to Xero so that you can keep on top of your books, and your farm.

Increasing the efficiency with your accounts are prepared, Figured can provide time back in the day for financial advisors to provide farmers with advisory services and support.

Vend – Point-of-Sales

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Vend is one of the top-rated point-of-sale Xero add ons for iPad, Mac, or PC. Designed specifically for inventory-based retail businesses, Vend helps you to keep on top of your inventory management, reporting, and customer engagement tools. 

Vend integrates seamlessly with Xero to provide an industry-leading solution that takes away the pain of manually handling admin tasks associated with handling payments. Allowing you to focus on the important things in business, Vend can help you to grow your business and keep on top of your sales.

Vend supercharges your Xero reports with visibility into how your business is truly performing, including your real-time profit and loss. With Vend, you spend far less time wrestling with your spreadsheets, and more time with your customers.

Lightyear – Bills and Expenses

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Lightyear is an Accounts Payable Xero add on that provides insight and control of your payables – allowing you to tighten your cash flow. Providing businesses with the ability to monitor the effectiveness of their accounting services, Lightyear allows you to rest easy knowing that your AP is in safe hands.

Lightyear is the solution for any business seeking to transition to a paperless workflow as it provides line by line data extraction, Lightyear is the AP solution for any business seeking to transition to a paperless office. From retail, to hospitality and construction businesses, and everything in between, Lightyear saves businesses and their accountants time and money by keeping their AP systems all in one place.  

Tradify – Construction and Trade

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Tradify is one of the top-rated Xero add ons used in the construction and trade industry. Tradify allows businesses to keep on top of their projects by providing insight into their invoices and bills, whenever they come through. Providing job management capabilities and expertise, Tradify is vital to the management of multiple projects with multiple clients.  

Prioritising and categorising what’s due, what’s next, and what’s overdue, Tradify is the nicest manager you’ve ever worked with. Tradify is visible to your whole team, and allows for a complete overview of your entire workload. Eliminating the need for manual data entry, as well as allowing for accurate time-tracking and scheduling, Tradify works not only with you but for you.

All of these apps are available on the Xero App Marketplace. Regardless of your business size or shape, these are some of the best solutions on the marketplace to help make running your business far easier.

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