What Does Success Mean To… Gavin Bell?

Gavin Bell

Gavin is the founder of Blue Cliff Media, a social media marketing agency based in Edinburgh, UK.

What does success mean to you?

“Hmmm…I was going to say happiness but I think that’s a bit cliched, I think ‘success comes from happiness’ rather than ‘happiness coming from success.’ Success to me would be being able to do what I want when I want (that’s probably why I’ve chosen to start my own business!).

Beyond that I would say financial freedom and having time to spend with people.”

What does that mean for Blue Cliff Media?

“I want to grow the business into a good sized agency, obviously we are in the social media space, and I want to stay in this space, but I also want to expand the business in terms of overall strategy.”

What apps can’t your business live without?


Buffer – “I manage a lot of social media accounts for clients so I use Buffer to schedule all of the posts going in, it’s great”

Hootsuite – “In addition to managing accounts I need to be able to interact with people and if I’m managing multiple accounts then Hootsuite allows me to do that easily.”

Xero – “I am terrible when it comes to accounting and Xero makes it so much easier, I love just being able to hit a button and for it to reconcile all of my accounts. I just have to look into a cash flow forecasting app now…”

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